The five most common types of air purifiers are HEPA, activated carbon technology, UV technology, negative ion, and ozone.

  • The HEPA air purifier can eliminate micro-particles such as chemicals, bacteria, mold spores, and viruses that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
  • The second air purifier – the activated carbon technology purifier, has a large surface area made up of carbon which helps catch a larger quantity of contaminants.
  • The UV technology air purifier uses UV rays to kill the micro-organisms that pass through its filters.
  • Negative ion purifiers kill its contaminants with chemical interaction.
  • Ozone purifiers (although effective at eliminating pollutants) unfortunately can still be harmful to your health. The ozone air purifier produces ozone gas which is how it kills its foreign particles except that it may flare up an asthma sufferer’s symptoms, and could possibly even scar the lungs.

This helps me with my next point – knowing which air purifier is right for you.

When you are ready to purchase an air purifier, there are many factors that come into play – the price, the brand, its features, and so on and so forth. The price is a factor because you want to buy an affordable air purifier that also works great, am I right? Of course!

Everyone wants an affordable purifier that is effective too. The price does range depending on the type and brand of air purifier; however, I am not going to tell you which one you should purchase – that’s up to you.

I will say though that the HEPA air purifiers seem to be the most reasonably priced. Through research there have been found that there are three prominent brands – Alen, AllerAir, and Austin Air. These brands won over the competition due to the poor performance of the others.

Ok…the next point? The purifier’s features. There are many to choose from – style, speed setting controls, display lights, electronic filter monitors, ion generators, etc.

The air purifiers have different components to being versatile to the customer’s needs and wants. For those of you that are still unsure of what air purifier is right for you, click here.

As we conclude this informational discussion on air purifiers, we want you to take away at least one piece of information – that having an air purifier (whether portable or household) is more beneficial than not having one. And one does not need to have any health issues to own one. Having cleaner and fresher air is beneficial to anyone and everyone. So in that aspect, it is an investment to owning an air purifier, because you never know when you will need it and like I just mentioned – it is beneficial to everyone, even a healthy individual.

Everyone likes to breathe clean air and air purifiers will help you do just that.

As you mull over everything that was discussed and everything that you have learned about air purifiers whether you need one or not; just remember this:

Everyone needs and prefers to breathe clean, fresh air!

For more information on buying an air purifier, you can visit Consumer Report.

For more information on the purifiers and what they are used for, we will discuss who uses them.