Pros & Cons

Because air purifiers eliminate a lot of different contaminants, there is an array of different people that depend on them and need their air purified.

For instance, the allergy sufferers use them to decrease the amount of contaminants and pollen in the air, that can cause their allergies to flare up. Since air purifiers reduce the amount of pet dander in the air as well, this can help individuals who suffer from skin allergies and/or respiratory allergies from their pets. Many families use air purifiers to cleanse the air of second-hand smoke for the health of their family. For example, when a non-smoker and a smoker reside in the same house, an air purifier is beneficial to the non-smoker because it will reduce (or even eliminate) the irritants that second-hand smoke can cause. This will ultimately help with the health of these individuals. Another major reason to use the air purifiers are for asthma sufferers, children, and the elderly.

These individuals’ immunity and health is more vulnerable and fragile – so in that fact, an air purifier is almost a necessity for these people to maintain and keep their health. Home air guides can help them to decide which air purifier is the most suitable for their health.

Air purifiers have benefits and advantages to their use – unfortunately, there are disadvantages as well.

One advantage is focused on the portable air purifier. These are hugely advantageous because they can be transferred from one place to another, depending on where you take it. The disadvantage however, is that a portable air purifier will probably handle a lot more contaminants since it is introduced to many different environments. In light of that, it will need to be cleaned more regularly and probably more extensive than a household one.

The biggest general disadvantage is that not every air purifier can eliminate all harmful contaminants. For example, some purifiers may help rid the air of dust and dander but not odors; others may remove odors but not the dust and dander. Another disadvantage is that air purifiers require constant cleaning and maintenance in order to function at its best, which brings me to my next topic – maintenance.

Although maintenance and cleaning of air purifiers is constant, it is generally simple. Most air purifiers need to be maintained and cleaned every 3-6 months to ensure proper and effective removal of foreign particles. This is done by simply keeping the filter clean. To clean the filter you must make sure the device is unplugged, then you can remove the filters. Once removed, you can wipe the filter with a damp cloth or hose the dirt off. If you prefer, you can also opt to use the vacuum cleaner. Once the filters get to the point where general cleaning does not work anymore, it is then time to install new air filters.